Wynford Concorde Proposed Developments – Update


Wynford Concorde Proposed Developments 


The proposed development at 175 Wynford Drive (Don Valley Hotel) has been approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) with conditions that need to be met by the developer and the city before the end of the year. No word yet. We understand that the owner has put the approved development up for sale and that the transaction could be announced soon. 


The OLT has also approved the proposed development at 1 and 3 Concorde Gate and 10-12 Concorde Place, with conditions to be met early in 2024. 


Although these plans have been approved conditionally, they may not be started for a while as high-interest rates have deterred developers from proceeding with approved developments elsewhere in the city. 


The proposed development at 123 Wynford Drive (Noor Centre, former Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) is before the OLT, with hearings set for May 2024. Meanwhile, the developer has hired a private mediator to attempt to reach an agreement among the parties. The first session is scheduled for December 13. The parties are the city, developer, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the families of the original builders of the Centre, and the Don Mills Residents Inc. (DMRI). Al McKellar will represent the DMRI. The DMRI is concerned about the changes to the original Centre as well as about the consideration of the proposal before the Focused Area Study conducted by the city, before consideration of issues similar to those for the other sites in our area, and before consideration is given to the services that the community will need for potential residents to live, work and play in the community.  


The DMRI thanks all those residents of the Wynford Concorde community who became members and made donations to assist in the defense of the community at the OLT hearings. 


Allan McKellar 

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