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President’s Report November 2023 

Dear Members and Residents 

The Don Mills Residents Inc. (DMRI) has been delayed in starting our regular communications with you, all due to timing and the sheer volume of items we are dealing with in the Don Mills area. I hope that with the addition of new board members, we will be able to communicate more regularly with you going forward! 

As you’ll see in the articles listed, we now have much-improved relations with the local councillor, Councillor Jon Burnside and all members of his office. This has made working with the City and City staff much more worthwhile. Councillor Burnside and the DMRI often agree on issues and can find ways to work toward solutions.  

Changes on the DMRI Board are common and expected. However, this year, we’ve had two departures that are notable. First and foremost, Brian Story, our long-time VP of Developments, has moved out of the area and has other personal changes that necessitate his leaving. He is and was extremely competent and knowledgeable about Don Mills and all of its developments. His leadership was vital to many of our projects and dealing with the City and developers. He will be missed. All of us at DMRI wish him the best. 

The second departure was Greg Czylyski.  Greg managed our website, email management and member database. His departure has left a gap that is hard to fill with just one person. We are so appreciative of all that he did for us and wish him well. 

We welcome two new board members, Ahmed Patel and Andrew Park. Andrew has taken on management of the membership and some of the database. Ahmed is an active community organizer and has taken on some communication functions. Please welcome them both. Thank you both for stepping up at this time. 

The City is moving forward with the planning for a new Recreation Centre. Please see the city project site link here City - Project Site - CRC Don Mills . There is a lot of material there, including the presentation that was shared with the community.  One disappointment is that our new Recreation Centre is now delayed even further and is not likely to be operational until the year 2030 or beyond. There are budgetary, design and timing issues. For example, the community and DMRI feel that there are too few parking spaces for a twin pad arena, swimming pool, community space and gym. Children will be required to tote a 20 or 30-lb. equipment bag a fair distance in the dead of winter, and possibly by bus. More on this in a future newsletter. 

Both the apartment complex at Wingreen Court, on Don Mills Road, at the northeast corner of Don Mills and Lawrence and 2, 4, and 6 The Donway East have been sold to developers in the past few years. Current tenants, most of whom have lived in their homes for a long time, are faced with various renovations. This puts pressure on other buildings in the area as the families look for new places to live. They are part of our neighbourhood, and we are working hard to find solutions to this problem. 

Don Mills Collegiate has recently received an interesting proposal from Julian Compton and other volunteers to improve the track, courts, parking and equipment at the school grounds. This is much needed as the school serves a wide community. Much of the track and associated equipment are in disrepair. Julian is working with the TDSB to develop a plan to upgrade them, as accidents are becoming far too frequent. Don Mills Collegiate and its surrounding grounds are a key part of our community. 

The DMRI is a volunteer and donor-based neighbourhood organization. As mentioned above, change is inevitable. If you feel you can give time or money, please reach out to us. If you have skills or experience you’d like to use and contribute in any way, call us directly. Together, we are stronger as we work toward a healthy community. 

John Cockerill, President  

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