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Winters grip is slowly fading and we look forward to the rebirth that spring brings. We have been going through very tough times with the Covid virus and can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of our most vulnerable community members have been vaccinated and it looks like the numbers will ramp up drastically over the coming months with two more vaccines added to the arsenal. The board of the DMRI would like to express our condolences to members of our community that have passed due to this horrible disease.

The warmer weather should help with some of the struggles of isolation that we have been going through. Our children have been suffering with the lack of interaction which is so important for mental wellbeing. Our seniors have been struggling as well and I can only hope that we will shortly be able to enjoy the company of our friends and family.

The Board of the DMRI is working hard in the background with City staff, developers, and residents of Don Mills. One of our new initiatives is a new School/education committee that is looking at the longer-term ramifications to our school with the increase developments in the area. We are working with City staff and residents over a proposed development at the corner of Leslie and York Mills. There are many infill housing projects that we are monitoring.

On February 16th, the Superior Court heard oral submissions in our suit against the City regarding the community centre. The hearing was held on Zoom and over 100 residents attended. We are now waiting for the written decision from the Judge. This process has been ongoing for two years and has been greatly supported by our members and community at large. It is very unfortunate that our councilor has been opposed and less than forthcoming since he was last elected. As soon as the decision is released, we will email our members.

I look forward to the spring and summer and the end of this pandemic.


Best wishes


Stephen Ksiazek

President DMRI



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