Chipping Bike Ramp

For many years, the Chipping Road stairway has been used as a convenient public use thoroughfare between residential neighbourhoods on both the east and west sides of the Donalda Club golf course.


However, for cyclists (young and old), the staircase’s steep and lengthy incline has constituted a physical challenge. In 2018 some concerned local residents with ongoing DMRI advocacy began petitioning (then) Ward 16 Councillor Minnan-Wong and the Parks Department for the construction of a bicycle ramp that would enable cyclists to ‘walk’ their bikes with relative ease ‘up and down’ the staircase on a separate flat metal ‘channel.’ In May 2022 the City confirmed budgetary approval for the installation of the bike ramp, but due to staff shortages a specific timeline for completion could not be given. DMRI is very pleased to report that the project was recently finished just in time for Christmas! The real practical benefit for cyclists will come in the spring and summer of 2023 and hopefully for many years.

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